Chairman Message

Cinque Terre

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” - Antoine de Saint.

‘Dahmashi Group’ – Quality and Commitment is the motto. I feel proud to introduce ‘Dahmashi Group’, whose monarchy is cemented by other successful business houses/ventures under its Umbrella. Our greatest assets are professionalism, quality services, honesty and integrity. Dahmashi Group has a set of reflective and differentiated attributes which has build up its Kingship. Other traits are: meticulous planning; passionate, dedicated, efficient and experienced in house employees; client service and satisfaction gets top priority; excellent supplier-client relationship; perfect recruitment and selection procedure; pre-deployment training and post-deployment follow up; using ingenious data bank and comprehensive information management system; professional and corporate management team in all subsidiaries; value of relationship targets through trust, commitment, handwork, ethics and integrity.

Before formal inception as Group, we have started our journey since 1986 as a marketer in Human Resource Industries, exploring huge demand of Saudi Arabia and Middle East countries. In 1999, it has started its formalized and glorious independent journey under the flagship of ‘Dahmashi Corporation Limited’ (Human Resource Development and Recruiting Agency). Since then, this venture house is in ascending state with a sustained growth record.

During this tenure Dahmashi Corporation Limited has managed to employ more than 70,000 workers in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Malaysia from Bangladesh. We also managed to employ around 30,000 workers for our valued clients from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippine, Indonesia, Vietnam and other source countries. We are capable of managing 10,000 workers per month from Bangladesh with our excellent business setup, efficient & workaholic in-house employees and management team. We have workers training and testing center for 72 technical categories and also highly equipped with professional staffs and facilities for workers pre-deployment orientation and post-deployment services. In the present day, Dahmashi Corporation Limited is a predominant and countable house in this sector.

After establishing success and accomplishment in the manpower sector, we simultaneously started expanding our business houses/subsidiaries in other sectors under the umbrella of Dahmashi Group. Each of these subsidiaries is independent and operates through its own maneuver, maintaining high standards of performance and accountability, having a trained workforce compatible to their respective domain. Dahmashi Group’s Subsidiaries are:

  • Dahmashi Corporation Limited
  • Dahmashi Tour and Travels Limited
  • Dahmashi Umrah Service
  • Dahmashi Trading Limited
  • Dahmashi Jute Industries Limited
  • Dahmashi Construction and Real Estate Limited
  • Dahmashi Training and Testing Center
  • Smart Care Management LLC, UAE
  • Dahmashi Corporation SDN BHD, Malaysia

As the Group Chairman, I take this opportunity to thank my greatest asset in-house-workforce for their relentless hard work throughout the year, members of different foreign, government & non-government agencies for their cordial supports. Finally, a very special thank to our valued clients in home and abroad who consistently making us their first choice for our product & services, helping us, supporting us, encouraging us, promoting us for our further accomplishments.

Noman Chowdhury
Dahmashi Group