Dahmashi Group at a glance

Dahmashi Group started its journey in 1986 as a marketer in the International Human Resource Industry, with the flagship company “Dahmashi Corporation Ltd”. It is a leading, prominent and reputed business house in home and abroad having different and diversified fields of business/subsidiaries under its umbrella. The group has been very successfully engaged in developing products, services and facilities through its 9 (at present) subsidiaries in different facets. Each of these subsidiaries is independent and operates through its own maneuver, maintaining high standards of performance and accountability, having a trained workforce compatible to their respective domain.

The torchbearer Mr. Noman Chowdhury is the founder chairman, who steered the group with such incomparable dynamics and skills, that the group attained prolific growth over a period of 31 years in respect of great contribution to country’s economy, employment generation and performing corporate-social responsibilities.

Dahmashi Group has a set of reflective and differentiated attributes which has build up its Kingship. Dahmashi monarchy is stoned on “quality & commitment” as the motto. Working with the best makes us all better. We know that the technological advancement combined with a team of skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic employees has always been the core competence of the company and key to our success. We are always seeking innovative and dedicated professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. Other traits are: meticulous planning; passionate, dedicated, efficient and experienced in-house employees; perfect recruitment and selection procedure; using ingenious data bank; having a professional corporate management team in all subsidiaries.

To Dahmashi Group, client service and satisfaction gets top priority and maintains excellent supplier-client relationship. Our value of relationship targets through trust, commitment, handwork, ethics and integrity. That's why we proudly say that we make them all together work for our clients for a long-term relation and cooperation among customers and for a better society.

Dahmashi Group believes in doing good business, with great practices. Our Corporate-Social Responsibility and Giving Policy reflect our values. We continue to strive to be upstanding members in our community, and to recognize and share our success. Through donation and partnerships, Dahmashi is able to demonstrate our company culture and core values to our employees, clients, and general public and opinion leaders. Corporate partnerships and donations fall into areas i.e. Education, Capacity Development, Health Program, Poverty Alleviation etc.

The management of Dahmashi Group is determined to promote safety and healthy working conditions and practices within the company and ensure that its facilities and processes have minimal impact on the environment to save our living planet.

Corporate and Social Responsibility: Having come from a modest background himself, Mr. Noman Chowdhury is also a philanthropist. Under his sagacious leadership, Dahmashi has been nourishing its core business striving to ensure a balanced approach adding value through managerial capabilities, as well as taking significant care towards the community through a wide range of corporate and socially responsive initiatives. Dahmashi Group, one of the most trusted business houses of the country, has all along been committed towards its responsibilities to the society and the ventures it operates. Since its inception in 1986, it has been involved in activities towards transforming that commitment into a reality.

Today, Dahmashi Group:

• Patronizes many Mosques, Madrasahs, Hifzkhanas and Orphanages providing religious and modern education to the students.

• Dahmashi Group encourages education by providing scholarships to financially underprivileged but meritorious students every year. It also promotes technical and vocational education by providing necessary counseling and financial assistance to the poor students, including job placement as well.

• Operates some Rural Clinics and Charitable Dispensary where outdoor patients are being treated and provides medicine almost free of cost.

• Dahmashi Group aims to address the immediate needs of the people. Low-cost house for homeless, tube-wells, semi-pucca toilets are being provided free of cost to the destitute families. Undertakes other social development works like hygienic sanitation, safe drinking water, support/donations to religious and charitable institutions.

• In addition, cash monetary assistance is being provided to the poor people including office staffs for specific purposes like education, marriage, debt payment, treatment etc. Dahmashi office staffs and employees enjoy "Interest Free Micro-Credit and Loan".

Satisfying the objectives, we have launched following business project /subsidiaries under the umbrella of Dahmashi Group fleet:

Dahmashi Corporation Limited

Dahmashi Corporation Ltd is one of the pioneering and leading Human Resource Development and Recruiting Agency in Bangladesh. In 1999, Dahmashi Corporation Limited has started its formalized and glorious independent journey. Since then, this venture house is in ascending state with a sustained growth record. In the present day, Dahmashi Corporation Limited is a predominant and countable house in this sector. More

Dahmashi Tour and Travels Limited

IATA approved travelling and tourism agent in Bangladesh. It has started its operation in the year of 2000 with an expert and workaholic team. It is well equipped with all modern in house facilities, technical and management information hub to provide best possible service to the individual and group client. Dahmashi Tours and Travels Limited is the proud member of IATA (International Air Transport Association), ATAB (Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh and HAAB (Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh).

Dahmashi Umrah Service

Government approved professional Umrah Operating Agent. It was on wheel since 2013 and very successfully rolling on with the utmost satisfaction of our valued clients. We provide hassle-free one-stop multi-dimensional service to our admirable patrons. Member of IATA (International Air Transport Association), ATAB (Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh and HAAB (Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh). More

Dahmashi Trading Limited

Dahmashi Trading Limited has its humble inauguration in 1998 at Dhaka, Bangladesh with the overriding interest of Dahmashi Group Chairman Mr. Noman Chowdhury. It is a leading export- import house and also stockist, representative and local agent of world-class products in Bangladesh. Presently we are trading with BRAVAT and NENOGRESS. BRAVAT is the high-end brand of kitchen and bathroom products owned by Roman Dietsche, a German sanitary ware provider founded at 1873. NANOGRESS Porcellanato is a benchmark player in the entire ceramic tiles industry and one of the most important and solid companies worldwide. More

Dahmashi Jute Industries Limited

It has started marching on April, 2016 with a wider vision. Within less than a year has established its strong footprint in Jute Yearn market in Bangladesh. Our market is primarily Asia and Europe based but planning to expand to all over the world. The current demand of jute fiber outweighs the supply level by far, which induced the company to undertake the project to mitigate the demand-supply gap and to materialize its goal as well. Dahmashi Jute Industries Ltd has been setup by a group of renowned & established business personality in the country. More

Dahmashi Construction and Real Estate Limited

It is a leading and reputed house in the Construction and Real Estate sector in Bangladesh under the direct pursuance of the Dahmashi Group Chairman. We are committed to provide reliable and professional service to our valued client through engineering, procurement, construction and development activities. Strict maintenance of "Quality and Commitment", which is the prime directive of our management, helps us in concreting ourselves in construction sector and to be recognized by our potential future clients. Dahmashi Construction and Real Estate Limited has started excavation since 2013. More

Dahmashi Training and Testing Center

Having vast experience in manpower exporting business, it is being realised that to meet up clients need and to ensure supply of quality man-force, training is a must before sending them for work. With that motive, a Training and Testing Center was instituted under the umbrella of Dahmashi Group in 2001, which was 1st of its kind. It was established in collaboration with Dahmashi Corporation Limited. Presently, with all its space, equipments, supportive items and instructors/trainers, this Center is capable of training workers of 72 technical categories. More

Smart Care Management LLC, UAE

Smart Care Management LLC provides a comprehensive array of 'Employee Assessment Instrument' used to put right employee in the right job, which helps all employees to direct their efforts to achieve greater productivity and in turn profitability. It has a complete catalogue of state-of-the-art of occupational assessment that targets all phases of employment from selection and hiring to training, self-coaching and management performance. It was initiated in 2007. More

Dahmashi Corporation SDN BHD, Malaysia

It was incorporated in 2003 as a Manpower Consultant cum Foreign Labor Recruitment Company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our resource countries are Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippine, India etc. Being a foreign company in Malaysia, we succeeded with our brilliant decision-making team, scrupulous planning, workaholic manoeuvre, relentless efforts, outstanding team spirit, and conclusive honesty. With all our ingenuity, we have supplied more than 15 thousand workers in Construction, Manufacturing and Services sectors. More